Blueberry Upick 
           Friday, July 15th
            9AM to 7PM
Yep, you read that correctly.  We’re having a GREAT blueberry season and want to share it with you.

You also told us that one long day would make it easier in fitting your schedule.  So bring the kids in the morning, skip out of work early, bring a picnic for a relaxing evening pick(nic) date here at the farm.


Price -   Upick - $ 4.75  per  pint
               Ready Pick - $6.50 per pint

A couple things you should know:

1. JenEhr blueberries are certified organic (hey, every darn acre on the farm is certified organic).  


2. Pop Up Upick - Blueberries at JenEhr have not been an exact science.  We know how to grow and manage lots of fruits and vegetables; blueberries not so much. So, we're going with a pop up concept.  That means we'll open as many times as possible (based on the blueberries in the field).  With announcements on the website, on the JenEhr Berry Hotline (608/825-9531) and our Facebook page.


3. Pricing - 
                    Upick - $4.75 per pint
                    Pre-Picked Berries - $6.50 per pint


4. Payment - We accept cash, checks and credit card (please note there is a 3% service fee when using credit cards).


Blueberries will also be available by the quart and flat at our Saturday Farmers Markets.

Farmers Markets

Every Saturday, you will find the folks at JenEhr busy busy busy.

1. Dane County Farmers Market at the Capitol Square - Ready to sell by 6:45AM, usually starting to pack up at Noon.  We're located just to the left of the East Washington and Pinckney Intersection, at the bike rack.


2. Westside Community Farmers Market, Madison's Near Westside at the corner of University Avenue and Segoe Road in the Department of Transportation Parking Lot - Sarah O has her crew unpacked and set up by the market start at 7AM.  You'll find our big yellow tent on the East end of the market, right across from our friends at Flyte Farm and next to the sweet honey of Andy Bondee.


3. Tosa Farmers Market, this cute little market with everything you need to jump start your morning (in terms of coffee and prepared food) along with an easy way to check off all the items on your shopping list is located just behind The Little Red Bookstore on State Street in Wauwatosa.  The hatted Bryan is ready to fill your shopping bags when the market opens at 8AM, with the market closing at Noon.