Juicing and Smoothies

As I talk to people during the CSA pick up times, I’m finding out that many of us are trying to use more of the CSA items in juices or green smoothies.  Yea I say to you and what a great way to eat better and efficiently use items in your CSA share.


I too am a juicer and smoothie maker. So I’m interested in what you all are doing, reading and contemplating with your CSA share.  Some of the things you all are talking about:


  1. Meal Replacement – Juicing and green smoothies are being used as we try to lose weight in addition to consuming more fruits and vegetables. Those losing weight are telling me that they use the juicing and smoothies instead of a meal.  Of course the first two days of any “liquid” meal replacement food plan is the most difficult as your mouth is looking for something to chew and your sugar and carbohydrate drenched body is rebelling in withdraw. 

            When Farmer Paul wanted to get off caffine and refined sugar without the headache, he did a one day juice fast, drinking 16 ounces of juice every two hours.  He started with a more fruit filled juice for the first “meal”, adding a few more vegetables and thickness as we went through the day.  For him, the one day juice fast got him off caffeine for 60 days, before the missed flavor of coffee got him back on the caffeine ride.


  1. Morning Starter – For many of you, that morning meal after awakening is the hardest thing to get down. This is where our CSA members are talking about green smoothies; using some combination of fruit juice or yogurt blended with a big leafy green. Apple juice with kale or swiss chard and a cup of frozen fruit to increase the viscosity and make it more ice cream shake like is what I hear most often.


  1. Using Up The Share – The final group talking about juicing and making smoothies are those who want to use up all the items in their share, not carrying any over into the next week. Those big heads of lettuce or last third of a cucumber are perfect in a refreshing drink that fills you up and keeps you healthy. I even use my cooked vegetables in a juice or smoothie. I dislike the taste of raw broccoli in my juices, but when I have left over cooked broccoli, I run it through my juicer when making my daily green based juice. I want to use every leaf, stem and fruit in the weekly CSA share or items purchased in the produce aisle. Juicing and green smoothies help me do just that.


As the discussion in the food world focuses on waste and as you talk about the guilt you feel when you don’t use everything from you CSA share, consider adding a juice or smoothie to your or weekly eating routine.  Many of us have juicers sitting in a dark corner of the basement that just to be cleaned and brought into the kitchen light.  Some have friends who may generously lend their juicer for a day or two.  And I’m often seeing unused juicing equipment at thrift stores, garage sales and for sale bulletin boards (physical and electronic).  And nearly all of us have a blend or two in our kitchen cupboards that could be called into service for that first green smoothie of the day.

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