Tomato UPick(s)
          Wednesday, August 31st - 9AM to 3PM

          Friday, September 2nd - 3PM to 6PM

          Monday, September 5th 9AM to 3PM

Plus - you can pick up pre-ordered canning tomatoes and "Ugly Broccoli"

JenEhr Family Farm

Come pick your own JenEhr  Organic Tomatoes.  Inside our three-season growing tunnels, you'll find the best of slicing tomatoes, grape tomatoes and four different varieties of cherry tomatoes.

Picking is under cover, so plan to pick rain or shine.

Bring containers (boxes and small buckets/quart containers) for transporting your tomato bounty home.

Price -   Upick - 
                            Slicing Tomatoes                        $1.50  per  pound
                             Cherry & Grape Tomatoes       $2.00 per pint

Picked for You
                            Slicing Tomatoes                        $2.00 per pound
                             Cherry & Grape Tomatoes       $4.00 per pint

NOTE:   This Upick is NOT ideal for families with small children.  The rows inside the tunnels are jungle like, with no room for little ones to roam or freely pick.  

As usual, please leave your pets at home as our dog doesn't want to share his domain.  

RIPE Tomatoes for Canning, Freezing, Saucing, Preserving (& Eating)

We have a LOT of Ripe Tomatoes

The tomatoes are bursting out of the hoophouses.  The crew is picking, sorting and then repeating again and again. That's an opportunity for you!!!

  • 20 pound boxes of very ripe tomatoes - $30 per box
  • Pre Order here on line 

                    Pick Up at the three upcoming Tomato Upicks
                    Pick Up at the Farmers Markets
                    Pick Up during our CSA Pick Up days, hours and locations

Perfect for freezing and canning, we call them Canning Tomatoes (sometimes I'll refer to it as Canners).

  • Select when you want to pick up your  20lb box
  • Select quantity (how many boxes)
  • Walk your shopping cart through check out, which will pay for and reserve your tomatoes for pick up on the day you selected
    • Note there is a 3% fee for credit card payments - it is what the processing company charges us
    • You will receive an email confirmation of your order
    • Orders are available ONLY on the day specified in your order.  Unretrieved orders will NOT be refunded
    • You must bring a container(s) to transfer your tomatoes into.  If not, boxes cost $2.50 each.
 Order HERE

Winter Is Coming
Farmer Paul's famous "Ugly Broccoli" is on sale now.  And really, what a sale this is - 10 pounds for $20.  It may be ugly, but it tastes so good and will look perfect in the freezer or used in soups and other dishes, prepare now, freeze and savor when the snow is waist high.

Now is the time to purchase broccoli and tomatoes for “putting up”.  This can be freezing, canning, dehydrating or making full dishes and sauces that you then “put up” for winter use.  Pre-order now HERE

Farmers Markets

Every Saturday, you will find the folks at JenEhr busy busy busy.

1. Dane County Farmers Market at the Capitol Square - Ready to sell by 6:45AM, usually starting to pack up at Noon.  We're located just to the left of the East Washington and Pinckney Intersection, at the bike rack.

2. Westside Community Farmers Market, Madison's Near Westside at the corner of University Avenue and Segoe Road in the Department of Transportation Parking Lot - Sarah O has her crew unpacked and set up by the market start at 7AM.  You'll find our big yellow tent on the East end of the market, right across from our friends at Flyte Farm and next to the sweet honey of Andy Bondee.

3. Tosa Farmers Market, this cute little market with everything you need to jump start your morning (in terms of coffee and prepared food) along with an easy way to check off all the items on your shopping list is located just behind The Little Red Bookstore on State Street in Wauwatosa.  The hatted Bryan is ready to fill your shopping bags when the market opens at 8AM, with the market closing at Noon.