About JenEhr

JenEhr is run by Farmers Paul and Kay on 110 acres of certified organic prairie farmland in northern Dane County.  Our Sun Prairie farm is home to two almost grown "kids", a full time seasonal staff of 14 people, five four season in ground "hoophouses", 2.1 acres of three season in ground "haygroves", four acres of strawberries, 1 acre of blue berries, 25 acres of vegetable production and 25 acres for raising 6000 pasture raised chickens - what a mouth full.


What we really do at JenEhr is raise healthy, organic and great tasting food for you our neighbors. And we give you plenty of opportunities to hook up with our organic fruits, vegetables and pasture raised chickens.  


  • Three weekly summer farmers markets in Madison and Milwaukee along with two year-round indoor markets allow you to shop your groceries every Saturday year long.
  • The JenEhr CSA provides six weeks of early share option, 22 weeks of a regular season share and a one time fall/Thanksgiving share to hold you over through the holidays.
  • We sell to some great stores and restuarants.  You can find a handful of our items (broccoli and tomatoes) at the Outpost Cooperative in Milwaukee and Willy St. Coop in Madison.  Madison area fine eateries of Graze, Letoile, Merchant, Bean and Cream  and 4&20 Bakery keep their menu stocked with JenEhr produce and chickens.  LaMerenda in Milwaukee is our go to place, which features a buttered chicken to die for.

And the name - well that's a combination of Jensen (Kay's last name) and Ehrhardt (Farmer Paul's last name), a name that recognizes the contributions each of us makes to JenEhr Family Farm.


JenEhr Family Farm LLC

6837 Elder Lane

Sun Prairie, WI 53590


608/825-9531                  wisconsingrown.com                      jenehr@aol.com