CSA - Why and How

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture is the best way to eat locally grown organic produce.  It's like a magazine subscription for your dinner table - you "subscribe" to a farm.  Each week, or every other week, the Farmers at JenEhr grow, harvest, wash and pack an amazing assortment of produce for your family.

CSA is NOT a grocery store in a box.  You will never find oranges, bananas or grapefruit in the share.  Nor will you find fruits or vegetables grown by other farmers (close or far).  Everything in your share is grown by Farmer Paul and his amazing crew right here at on our Sun Prairie silt loam fields.


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Why JenEhr?

There are more than 50 CSA farms in the Madison and Milwaukee area. For some, it's their first year of operation, most have been around for five years; a small handful have been doing this for near 20 years.  JenEhr is one of those "old timers", which allows us to say that we know what we're doing, not just on the land, but in providing great CSA shares, every week, from the end of April to the end of November.

  • Certified Organic
  • Infrastructure to provide season long produce
    • Deep Well with farm wide irrigation capacity
    • Greenhouses, Hoophouses and Three-Season covered growing to work with the ever-changing Wisconsin weather
    • Enough of the right equipment and buildings (tractors, cultivators, mowers, refrigerated truck, coolers, packshed, etc) to get the job done every day of the week
    • Time tested returning crew - this small group of people are amazing in their efficiency and joy in growing your food  at a pay scale that allows for a living wage
    • Farmer Paul - this guy wakes up every morning ready to hit the fields - scouting, directing, cultivating and all the hundred plus tasks in any given day on an organic produce farm
  • Great back office - Weekly newsletters, emailed updates and organized systems that pull all the pieces together in operating a successful CSA farm
  • Time Tested - It takes time and experience to understand the land on which we farm.  For 18 years, we've taken the time to work with our land


What you Get

Every week, we grow produce for your CSA share.  Each share (weekly or every other week "box") contains 7 to 12 different items - you'll never get a box of potatoes.  We've been doing this long enough to secretionally plant more than 100 different varieties of produce items, so that each weekly share offers a variety of produce.  And enough food to actually feed your family, cook meals and have left overs.

Five Share Options provide season long JenEhr produce -

Early Season Greens Share - This is for the more experienced locavore.  If you love greens, I mean really LOVE greens, this is the share for you.  Six weeks of early season greens - lettuce, spinach, mustards, chard, kale, microgreens, wild gathered greens, herbs and items from storage - carrots, beets, celeriac, frozen strawberries and tomatoes, plus a few surprises, like JenEhr Habanero Hot Sauce.  Six weeks of greens - cost =$310, every week, no half shares available.

Regular Season - Full and Half Shares - Every week for 22 weeks (every other week during the same period for half share members) a compendium of great JenEhr grown organic produce.  This is the typical CSA experience that people talk about at the coffeepot at work, before spinning class and after community meetings and gatherings.  Your "share" is a combination of fresh locally grown organic produce (and a little fruit).  A typical share in June might include: 2 small heads of lettuce (green and red), bag of spinach, bunch of radishes, head of fennel, sugar snap peas, chard or kale, hakuri turnips w/greens and a quart of strawberries.  The first week of August might include; mustard greens, swiss chard, beets w/greens, carrots, the first of the potatoes, green onions, slicing and cherry tomatoes, basil, peppers and broccoli or cauliflower. 22 weeks (full share) = $660; 11 weeks (half share) = $380

Fall Storage Share - This is a one time CSA share, the week before thanksgiving.  Abut 40 pounds of fresh greens/produce along with items to store in your basement refrigerator or cellar for December and January eating.  Look for brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce and salad greens, winter squash, beets, celeriac, carrots, potatoes, rutabaga - and the list continues.  The timing is perfect with plenty of produce for your holiday festivities. 1x pick up = $140

Market Share - Some of you want to eat locally and seasonally but hate the idea of the farm dictating what you receive and eat  each week. This five month punch card system takes the hassle out of CSA.  You come to one of our four farmers market stands (two in Madison; Capitol Square & near Westside, and two in Milwaukee; Wauwatosa & West Alllis). Using the punch cards, you select what you want and how much - all the produce on the market stand plus JenEhr pasture raised chickens. 5 cards, June - October = $400

Chicken Shares - the only item not organic at JenEhr are the chickens (we don't have enough land to raise our own corn and soybeans for feed and have decided not to ship organic feed from across the state and midwest).  Instead, we raise our chickens on organic Sun Prairie clover pasture.  We let them roam, eating a combination of clover leaves, grubs and insects and a locally sourced corn/soybean feed.  The result is a chicken that makes my Grandma proud; in that it tastes soooo good, without the use of any antibotics or other medicative additives. The best restuarants in Madison and Milwaukee use JenEhr chickens in their kitchens.  We believe you should too. 2 chickens for $42.50 - now multiply that by however many "months" (June-November) you select.

Pick Up and Pay

JenEhr offers several convienent pick up locations in Madison, Milwaukee, Sun Prairie and Lake Mills, with different days of the week to fit pick up into your schedule.  It's not only convienent to pick up your great produce, but farm staff is at the pick up location to answer your questions and make sure you get the most use and value from your share.  Check out the pick up locations and dates by clicking HERE.

Payment options for your JenEhr share are also varied to best fit your financial situations.  You can pay in one lump by check or credit card; three equal payments by check or even an automatic monthly electronic funds withdraw from your checking or savings account.  

Just Do It

You have all the information.  More questions, just email us at jenehr@aol.com.  

But what we hear most often in June or July: "Oh, I meant to sign up for your CSA share, but . . . " everything from forgot, didn't have the money or afraid to take the final step.  Now they see the great produce at the farmers market or get a glimpse of their neighbors share from you or view their workmate eating these great lunches from JenEhr greens.  Well, you get the point - so order now.  Click here for a downloadable order form (using checks to pay) or here if you want to use the easy website ordering system using your credit card or the monthly electronic payment option.