What's Up . . .

Strawberries Concluding

The all too short strawberry season is here at JenEhr Family Farm.  The final Upick is a gleaning, Monday, June 26th from 10AM to 3PM.

JenEhr Family Farm

The final berries are ready for you to pick.  We don't assign rows, we don't ask you to move flags.  Just come out and help us pick through the strawberry fields.  There are still lots of strawberries to pick.
Price -   Upick -               $3.25 per pound
NO pre-Picked available (we can't find help to pick strawberries - so upick is the only option)

Limits - We at JenEhr are rebuilding our strawberry beds and enhancing our Upick operation.  This year the patch is a small one acre planting with some great tasting strawberries.  Plus, finding help to pick the strawberries continues to be a challenge.  So we're focusing more on Upick opportuntiies and fewer strawberries at our farmers market stands.

Tuesday and Thursdays (Wednesday this week due to forecasted thunder stores) are open and ready for you to come and pick strawberries.  Sundays will be a little more limited, simply because we don't have enough strawberries to meet the demand and we don't want you and your family to be turned away in disappointment because the beds are picked out.


  1. Call the strawberry hotline before coming to the farm.  If weather is inclement, if the berries have slowed down due to cooler weather or some other occuraece, we will update the strawberry hotline immediately.   608/825-9531

Important but not Vital -

  • Organic strawberries are a lot of work.  All the weeding is done by hand (versus a petrochemical spray).  Most of the weeds are dandelions, pennycress and thistles.  Not only do we need to pull the weeds, getting that long tap root, but we need to remove the weeds (especially the thistles) from the field so no one kneels on dried out prickly thistles.  The organic strawberries mean a much bigger flavor because the strawberry plants are pulling nutrients and flavor from the soil, not from an applied chemical fertilizer.  
  • We do have nice sized strawberries, but be aware that we NEVER have those California grown monsters that you'll find in grocery stores.  We grow varieties for flavor, not so they can ship across the country and just look good.

Farmers Markets

Every Saturday, you will find the folks at JenEhr busy busy busy.

1. Dane County Farmers Market at the Capitol Square - Ready to sell by 6:45AM, usually starting to pack up at Noon.  We're located just to the left of the East Washington and Pinckney Intersection, at the bike rack.

2. Westside Community Farmers Market, Madison's Near Westside at the corner of University Avenue and Segoe Road in the Department of Transportation Parking Lot - Sarah O has her crew unpacked and set up by the market start at 7AM.  You'll find our big yellow tent on the East end of the market, right across from our friends at Flyte Farm and next to the sweet honey of Andy Bondee.

3. Tosa Farmers Market, this cute little market with everything you need to jump start your morning (in terms of coffee and prepared food) along with an easy way to check off all the items on your shopping list is located just behind The Little Red Bookstore on State Street in Wauwatosa.  The hatted Bryan is ready to fill your shopping bags when the market opens at 8AM, with the market closing at Noon.