Why Choose JenEhr CSA?

Why Choose JenEhr Family Farm

There are some great CSA farmers serving the Madison and Milwaukee areas. And while each offers a box of vegetables, there are differences that make for a better fit between farm and you.

1. We grow everything you get – Farmers Paul and Kay made a decision early on that the JenEhr CSA is about what our local farm can produce. It’s about a true relationship between the farm and you, the CSA member. We don’t buy in fruit or nuts or other items we don’t or can’t grow in this area, on this piece of land. If one particular fruit or vegetable fails (and it will, just like there are years when the tomatoes don’t pollinate or the winter squash floods away), then you’ll hear about the bounty and shortfalls in the newsletter. We believe that CSA is about a partnership between you and the farmers, not simply a grocery store in a box.

2. Staffed Pick Up Locations – Pick up location is one of the first criteria in deciding which CSA farm to join. If a pick up location is inconvenient you’ll have a tougher time getting your scheduled share. But instead of more pick up locations, we’ve limited our locations so that there is always a farmer or farm staff person on site when you pick up your share. We know you have questions about what’s in the share, how to make something or why something is missing.  We know you want to actually talk to someone who is working on the farm, who understands the big farm picture as well as the daily work and weather. We think that being a CSA member is about connecting to the farm in ways that go beyond simply the box of produce. We want to help you connect with the farm in a more personal way.

3. Strawberries - one of the only local CSA's actually growing our own strawberries.  You'll find berries in your weekly share during the fast but abundant season.

4. More Information – A CSA membership can be a leap of faith, but we’re there to hold your hand with lots of information. First, our pickups are staffed, so someone who knows about the farm, the items in your share and food is available to answer your questions and help you get your food. Next is an outstanding four page newsletter emailed to you before you pick up your CSA share. Even if you pick up your share every other week (half share) you still get a weekly newsletter, loaded with recipes, preserving techniques and what’s happening on the farm. Plus photos are uploaded to the JenEhr Facebook page each week, giving you a picture for identifying each item in your share that week. It’s about making CSA easy.

5. Lots of payment Options – We know that paying a lump sum for your CSA share can be daunting or a budget constraint. So JenEhr offers several payment options, from monthly electronic payments, to a three-pay option and of course one time check, and electronic withdrawals. Many ways to make payment easy, convenient and fit your budget.